Enhancing Customer Support Efficiency with Generative AI for a Leading US Healthcare Insurance Provider

One of the largest healthcare insurance providers in the US wanted to improve the efficiency of their customer support to offer enhanced customer experience. They faced several challenges with their ticket resolution process including manual resolution, slow response times, longer resolution periods, a backlog of unresolved tickets, and a lack of up-to-date product documentation.

To address these issues, e-Zest developed a customized KAPS-based Knowledge Assistant to automate the ticket resolution process. Our Knowledge Assistant is trained on historical customer support ticket data and leverages advanced NLP capabilities to accurately understand and respond to customers’ queries. This solution drove significant business benefits like:

  • Approx. 40% improvement in ticket resolution times
  • 50% reduction in the backlog of unresolved tickets 
  • About 30% reduction in the time required for the modification and maintenance of product documentation

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