Medical Communication System

The client, a European provider of a wide range of hardware and software solutions for clinics and medical engineering, wanted to develop a complete UML and technical documentation of the MSC application so that new team members joining the team could quickly gain application knowledge. e-Zest, as a digital transformation and innovation partner for the client, was approached to help the client achieve this goal.

After interaction with the client, e-Zest helped develop a complete UML and technical solution to address these requirements. The solution enabled the client to shift their processes to be more digital, and the client could ramp up and ramp down the team depending on the number of new devices and third-party systems to be supported. The solution enabled the client to devise various strategies like:

  • Testing using simulator where provided by hardware vendors
  • VPN access to medical devices for the purpose of testing
  • Shipping smaller medical devices to e-Zest team in India when feasible
  • Development in the client's environment using VPN
  • Web Services based approach for testing data interchange

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