Reward-based Employee Wellness Platform

The client is a UK-based start-up that aimed to establish an Employee Wellness Platform to improve the health and well-being of employees across the globe. e-Zest helped them in transforming their idea into a tangible product by creating a comprehensive AWS-hosted SaaS-based wellness application from the ground up. Our solution could ensure seamless wearable integration and steps aggregation with Apple Watch, Google HealthKit-enabled smartwatches, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, etc.

Using this application, employees could earn points for their physical activities which could be then converted into rewards and charitable donations. This platform significantly helped the client to:

  • Ensure enhanced workforce engagement Motivate the workforce with on-call reward disbursement 
  • Improve CSR initiatives along with employee wellness
  • Effectively monitor the Annual Wellness Program 
  • Connect employees across departments within an organization
  • Enhance team bonding through team well-being challenges 
  • Obtain accurate data on the well-being of every team
  • Enhance productivity

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