SaaS-based Recruitment Staffing Application for a Leading Healthcare Workforce Provider

The client is a prominent healthcare staffing solutions provider, serving both public and private healthcare institutions across the United States. It was initially a regional workforce management company that worked with outdated tools. Without a platform for streamlining the healthcare recruitment process, the company encountered several obstacles, such as an inconsistent recruitment approach, inadequate candidate contract tracking, difficulties in managing the high demand for healthcare staff with limited resources, etc. To address these challenges, e-Zest built a customized SaaS-based staffing solution to help them meet the requirements for their Nurse Staffing Service Business.

Our innovative platform efficiently connected hospitals, staffing agencies, and clinicians, thereby simplifying the healthcare recruitment process. It helped the client with features like automated job entry, job-candidate matching algorithm, guided candidate onboarding, smart job alerts, chat interface for recruiter-candidate communication, AI-driven timesheet module, etc.

Following are some of the major business outcomes of this project:

  • 25+ agencies in operation
  • 61% reduction in recruitment costs
  • 30% improved efficiency of hospital staff
  • 44% increase in resource pool
  • Streamlined hiring process
  • Better compliance processes

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