Automated PDF Parser for a Leading Global Pharma Company

The client is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company specializing in providing affordable medicines to patients across various geographies. They needed functionality to extract clinical drug test results from PDFs, export this mined data in a different format(s), and export the summarized reports that were being created. e-Zest, as the digital innovation partner, recommended a solution to automate this functionality; the PDF parser. This solution automates the extraction process and reduces the time taken to create summarized reports from extracted information. The end-users, scientists, working at the R&D facility where this tool is deployed, use it to expedite the process of generating the reports in a readable format.

Using new and emerging technologies, e-Zest enabled the client to build a solution that optimizes this process and thereby delivering the following benefits:

  • Automated PDF-parsing process, reducing the time required as well as the scope for errors in copying data from one source to another
  • Enabled rigorous testing ensuring that the output of the application was deterministic and the end data sanitized before being shared externally
  • Reduced the time taken for this entire process from 2 hours of manual effort for a single PDF to approx. 10 seconds using automation

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