Remote Patient Monitoring Application for Android

Advancements in technology and wearable patient monitoring and tracking devices have enabled healthcare organizations to leverage these devices to track their patient's health even from remote locations. Moreover, patient monitoring systems provide real-time access to patient information, and monitor individuals' health data, providing medical staff with accurate data. e-Zest was the technology partner to help the client who had the idea of building a product that will integrate seamlessly with advanced electronic healthcare devices and gather patients' medical information periodically and send it to remote locations for live and analytical monitoring.

The project's objective was to develop a mobile application that will collect data from electronic devices, display the same, and sync the critical information to a server. A web application was to be developed for displaying the collected data at remote locations. Using our advanced healthcare digital transformation expertise, the client was able to create an application that provided actionable benefits such as:

  • Allowing patients and caretakers in the hospitals to monitor the health status of the patient using the easy-to-understand UI designed for the Android application
  • Alerts, reminders, and emergency notifications for vital measurements help doctors to take timely decisions in emergencies
  • Doctors can monitor the patient's status at all times and any remote location using the web interface, as the Android application keeps syncing the test data with the application server using the web services

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